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What Al-Imdaad Foundation will do with their R50,000.00 donation

What Al-Imdaad Foundation will do with their R50,000.00 donation

Al-Imdaad Foundation, a charity receiving a R50,000.00 donation from West Pack Lifestyle, started out 15 years ago in the small town of Escourt in KwaZulu-Natal. They've since grown to become an international NGO with 7 country offices. Below is just some of their aid efforts over the last year.

Al-Imdaad's water, food aid and orphan programmes continue in multiple countries and their disaster teams have responded to floods, hurricanes and drought. At home in South Africa. Al-Imdaad's humanitarian services include daily feeding programmes, education and skills development through Back to School campaigns, bursaries, and empowering projects like a community garden. They have also established the Vision4Life eye-care clinic and expanded support for Malnutrition Centres.

These projects are only possible through generous support of the public, which is where a West Pack Lifestyle customer came in to make a difference.

Afeefah Mulla Choonara was announced as a grand prize winner of R50,000.00 cash in the West Pack Lifestyle community driven competition. Afeefah nominated Al-Imdaad Foundation as her favourite charity and West Pack Lifestyle will match her winnings and donate the same amount (R50,000.00) to the nonprofit, helping them to continue their humanitarian aid relief work across South Africa. Afeefah is an entrepreneur and fashion designer and says she will be using the prize money to help grow her startup fashion business. "I am often at West Pack Lifestyle as I buy a lot of packaging materials for my designs."

Afeefa Mulla Choonara R50,000.00 winner

 The Al-Imdaad Foundation provides these services in, crisis and non-crisis situations to orphans, widows and destitute, irrespsective of race, religion, culture, creed and geographical boundary.

Al-Imdaad Foundation Provides:

Emergency Relief

Although South Africa is blessed not to experience large scale natural disasters like other countries, many areas are regularly affected by fires and extreme weather, which devastate localised populations. In the past year teams in coastal KwaZulu-Natal responded to intensive flash flooding in parts of Durban, as well as to fire and hailstorm incidents in Northern KwaZulu-Natal and in Ladysmith. In Gauteng, the Al-Imdaad Johannesburg teams have responded to informal settlement fires, flash flooding and freak-weather in various locations.

Al-Imdaad Foundation Disaster Relief


Food Aid & Nutrition

Providing food and related assistance to help tackle hunger and enable communities to avoid malnutrition is an important part of Al-Imdaad Foundation's activities. In South Africa, the Foundation continues to provide sustenance for thousands. Their daily, Make Breakfast Possible feeding initiative ensures needy learners, at up to 40 schools, receive high-energy Siyasuthu porridge to power their day.  At hospitals and clinics across the country, Al-Imdaad Foundation's Slice-4-Life sandwich distributions help patients waiting in line avoid the pangs of hunger. They also offer a food voucher programme ensuring many struggling families have sufficient nutrition to make it through the month.


Al-Imdaad Foundation Food Aid

Housing & Shelter

Al-Imdaad Foundation constructs new homes and renovates and refurnishes existing homes for people across the globe, from South Africa to Gaza, Malawi, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Jordan. One such project included the Al-Imdaad Foundation completely renovating a 120m2 house for the 11-member Khalid Musa family of Gaza, who faced extreme poverty. All younger members of the family are still students and the family struggles to cover daily food and education expenses. The mother of the house also suffers from various health problems requiring treatments beyond their means.  

Al-Imdaad Foundation Housing

Social Welfare

For many struggling families, making it through each month is an overwhelming challenge. Whether it be a question of food security, medical and educational expenses, or rent and utilities, for many there is simply no budget. Locally in South Africa, Al-Imdaad Foundation's welfare department provides support to hundreds of families that are struggling to meet their monthly needs. This includes widows, orphans, elderly and disabled individuals in various provinces.

Al-Imdaad Foundation Social Welfare


Water & Sanitation

Many communities struggle to obtain daily water supplies from a reliable and unpolluted water source. Some 1,5million deaths result annually from water-borne diseases and unsafe water. Al-Imdaad Foundation therefore makes it a priority to make safe water programmes integral to its activities.

Over the last year Al-Imdaad Foundation has continued to establish boreholes at rural schools and other needy locations in South Africa, bringing the number of boreholes to over 40 since the the drought 2015/16. One of the Foundation's international projects is in the Gaza strip, where over 95% of water is deemed unsafe. Thousands in the Rafah and Beit Lahia areas are benefited daily with desalination plants and associated water tankers, serving a vital role to these communities. The water is also distributed to schools, institutions, Mosques and other public facilities.

Al-Imdaad Foundation Water Programme

Winter Warmth

The winter season is one of the most difficult times of the year for those living on the bottom rung of society, including rural dwellers or inhabitants of shanty towns and informal settlements. When the cold comes, it highlights their flimsy walls and thin clothes, and aggravates the medical conditions many suffer from. Al-Imdaad Foundation's annual Operation Winter Warmth distributes blankets, winter hats and other accessories to needy school children, the elderly and members of impoverished communities, helping them to wrap up tight against the winter chill.

Al-Imdaad Foundation Winter Warmth

Orphan Care

Through its welfare programme in South Africa, Al-Imdaad Foundation addresses needs faced by widows and orphaned children. This includes assistance with utilities, rental and other expenses that help alleviate the difficulties they experience daiily and to make their lives more bearable.

Globally, Al-Imdaad Foundation continues to sponsor orphans in 12 countries (Yemen, Mauritania, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Indonesia, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia).


The Al-Imdaad Foundation strives to make education a priority, both locally and abroad. In South Africa the Back2School drives see hundreds of needy students from disadvantaged areas in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and the Western Cape benefiting from stationery packs and new school bags. They also continued their support for the important, "Keep a Girl Child in School" campaign by distributing hygiene packs and sanitary pads to female students allowing them to remain in school throughout the month. The packs provide necessary sanitary items they may otherwise have been unable to afford. Al-Imdaad Foundation's bursaries also take an enormous burden off deserving students.

Al-Imdaad Foundation Back2School


Empowerment and Skills Development

Empowerment is an important way to make aid more sustainable, by equipping beneficiaries with tools and skills that will continue to make a difference long after the day of handover.

Al-Imdaad Foundation's organic community gardens continue to be the source of learning and skills transfer for around 80 employees in the town of Escourt. Regular teaching programmes ensure gardeners are constantly increasing their knowledge base with regard to organic planting practices. Focus areas include lunar and seasonal planting schedules, crop rotation, and the preparation of environmentally friendly fertilisers and pest control mechanisms. Associated building and construction programmes for garden facilities have also given employees valuable skills in these areas.

Al-Imdaad Foundation also assists individuals needing small capital injections to set up businesses. These include street side welders, vendors or tailors and help individuals to stand on their own two feet.

Al-Imdaad Foundation Community Garden


Ramadan Programmes

Ramadan is known as the month of generosity and charitable works, and as such it holds a special place in the Al-Imdaad Foundation's calendar. Each Ramadan, the Foundation implement food hamper programmes that help needy communities locally and in far-flung regions of the world to observe daily fasts without difficulty.

In 2016 Al-Imdaad Foundation partnered with the Polokwane Muslim Trust Welfare Fund (PMTWF) to distribute Ramadan hampers to struggling families in the Ennerdale area outside of Johannesburg.

Islamic Programmes

Over the past year Al-Imdaad Foundation has continued construction on their Masjid and prayer facilities in Betshwana, Mount Ayliff in the Eastern Cape. The Masjid and associated social facilties are in the final stages of completion and will become a source of great benefit to the budding local Muslim community. Initiated with the support of the local chief and tribal council, the facility is a first in the area.

Find out more about Al-Imdaad Foundation CLICK HERE

Al-Imdaad Foundation will receive a R50,000.00 donation from West Pack Lifestyle on Friday 12 January 2018.

Al-Imdaad Foundation to receive R50,000.00 cash donation

The West Pack Lifestyle team handing Al-Imdaad Foundation their R50,000.00 cheque for a donation with Afeefah Mulla Choonara the R50,000.00 winner who nominated them as her favourite charity.

  • Calvin Coles
Lucky Number 13 Winner nominates Feed A Child

Lucky Number 13 Winner nominates Feed A Child

It's Day 13, and we're more than half way through our competition! Our R10,000.00 cash winner today is Judy Deventer from Middelburg. She nominated Feed A Child as her favourite charity to receive a R10,000.00 cash donation from West Pack Lifestyle.
  • Calvin Coles
R10,000.00 Cash Donation for Have A Heart Care Centre for the Elderly

R10,000.00 Cash Donation for Have A Heart Care Centre for the Elderly

Have A Heart Care Centre in Roodepoort will receive a R10,000.00 cash donation from West Pack Lifestyle as part of our community-focused competition. They were nominated by our R10,000.00 cash winner, Kim Koch, as her favourite registered non-profit organisation
  • Calvin Coles
R10,000 for Stepping Stone Hospice

R10,000 for Stepping Stone Hospice

Congratulations are in order! Tracy-Lee Manning is our next winner of R10,000.00 CASH and she chose Stepping Stone Hospice in Alberton as her charity of choice, which will also receive a R10,000.00 cash donation from West Pack Lifestyle. 
  • Calvin Coles