21 Uses for Wet Wipes

Many of us still think of wet wipes for babies only, but there’s so many other uses. We’ve listed 21 of our favourites – let us know if we missed any?

  1. Removing eye makeup and excess nail polish

  2. Substitute for toilet paper (when it runs out unexpectedly!)

  3. Clean plastic toys

  4. Quickly wipe down fridges and freezers

  5. Getting to corners dusters can’t reach (or that need extra effort to remove)

  6. Removing hair dye stains (hairdressers will agree!)

  7. Wiping down the interior of your car

  8. Freshen up your skin on a sweltering hot day

  9. Freshen leaves on indoor plants (wipe off the dust)

  10. Quickly clean bird droppings off your car

  11. Removing deodorant markings on dark clothing

  12. Remove makeup from clothes, other stains and crayon from walls

  13. Tame flyaway hairs on your head (yes, it works – try it!)

  14. Sanitizing public areas such as trolleys or toilet seats

  15. Shine up shoes in virtually any fabric

  16. Remove gritty sand and sunscreen from baby’s trips to the beach

  17. Moisten envelopes (licking envelopes is so over!)

  18. Wipe a chalkboard clean!

  19. Camping – for EVERYTHING!

  20. Clean your computer screen and keyboard

  21. Wipe TV remote controls .