A bit about our history

Our company, West Pack Lifestyle, started out as a vision between a father and a son, to give everyday South Africans an opportunity to experience shopping as an adventure, as well as indulge in everyday products fitting a cost range for everyone.

It all started with the sister company, West Rand Pack, 22 years ago. A store that was set up in central Krugersdorp West, that made its entrance in retail, by selling plasticware and packaging.  The walls were hand painted by a local painter to help him pay for his bills and inside this little store, was a family dedicated to ensuring the stores’ success.

The original family who is still currently involved in the business today delegated their roles and became masters at everything. As the years went on, business relationships continued and till this day they still maintain those strong relationships, with customers as well as suppliers.

In 2008, the vision to grow West Rand Pack into a greater empire moved forward. They wanted to expand further than the western region, therefore the name Rand was removed and adding Lifestyle was done, and the company WEST PACK LIFESTYLE was born.

For the most months of 2008 and early 2009, the company West Pack Lifestyle was unknown and it was a struggle, but with hard work and perseverance, they pushed on and this name starting becoming a household name, literally.

Our expansion & growth

Today, this company prides itself, still having its original members who opened the first store. By 2012 this brand grew from one store into two, and by 2013 we welcomed not only a third store but a brand new division, Franchising.

During the design of the first franchise store, the specification was given with a smaller space than a lifestyle store, and the decision was made to create a smaller brand store, known as West Pack Express. For these stores, products were carefully selected from a range of 15 000 into approximately 8-10 000 expertly organised products. Creating the same shopping feel.

Our first franchises in 2013 were divided into one Express and the other 2 Lifestyle stores. This year 2019 we celebrate our 11th birthday from when lifestyle was born, but the concept of our brand has been in existence for 22 years from our original store. We currently have 39 stores, divided into corporate, joint ventures and franchise stores. Further, they are divided into 23 Lifestyle and 16 Express stores.

Late 2017, we welcomed a new expansion to our brand, known as Petzone. The same concept but just for our animal friends.

Currently, we hold 4 sister companies within the group: namely West Rand Pack, West Pack Lifestyle, West Pack Express and Petzone.

We are happy to welcome new franchises into our circle but certain criteria are required to become a member. For any enquiries, contact our Franchise Consultant here.

“Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.” Casey Stengel 

In our company, we believe that there are no specific key players; we need everyone to make the company and brand successful.

“Leadership is no longer about your position. It’s more about your passion for excellence and making a difference. You can lead without a title.” Robin Sharma

Where do we see ourselves in the next couple of years?

Easy! Being part of your home. We want to be part of your everyday journey, whether it’s packing your leftovers, to packing your child’s lunch, from organising your home to stationery at work, from Christmas parties to school projects and birthdays.

We want to be your partner in your everyday life. We want you to think of us for your solutions and to make your life simple.

We want you to live a stress-free life, and worry about your loved ones instead of the nitty-gritty tasks of everyday life.

We are here to turn your problems into solutions by simply shopping with us and using our everyday products.

It’s our job to worry, so you don’t have to.