10 Last Minute Things for Braai Day

10 Last Minute Things for Braai Day

Tomorrow on 24 September, South Africans will celebrate their unique heritage and also unite around fires, preparing great feasts to be shared among family and friends. 

If you're a fan of West Pack Lifestyle on Facebook you would have seen our 10 Day Countdown to Heritage Day where we listed some of our favourite things to make this year's Braai Day party extra special. 

The final element you may need to consider for tomorrow's feast is presentation. We've shared some amazing ideas below from Deirdre Gullan, owner of D.KOS Unique Culinary Experience and blogger of The Intrepid Chef on how to present your food in the most memorable way using some of the products you can find at your nearest West Pack Lifestyle or West Pack Express store.

First Things, First First


 D.KOS Unique Culinary Experiences    

We have every kind and size of chopping board, platter and serving dish you can imagine at your nearest West Pack store - this is probably the easiest way to make an impression among guests at your Braai Day family feast. 

This gorgeous spread was created by Deirdre Gullan of D.KOS Unique Culinary Experiences. Look at her Facebook page for more inspiration.


Disposable Bamboo Boats   
We love what D.KOS  created with this stylish spread using disposable bamboo boats that you can find at most West Pack Lifestyle stores. Please check for availability at your nearest West Pack Express store as they may keep limited ranges. You can buy them in a pre-pack of 20 for R48.90
Braai Day presentation ideas      

What D.KOS has done with enamel mugs is brilliant! Earlier in the week we shared an idea for Braai Day desserts using these uniquely South African mugs, but presenting starters in them is equally memorable.

Underplates at West Pack Lifestyle   

A quick way to dress up your table is with underplates. We've got them in assorted colours from gold and silver to black and red. Buy them at your nearest West Pack store for R19.90 each, or we do have pre-pack options for less if you're looking to host a big gathering. 
We have a wide variety of stylish weave placemats in assorted colours to choose from at your nearest West Pack store - buy them for R79.90 for a pack of 4.

What's a Heritage or Braai Day feast without sosme unique South African flavour? Get these local flags to proudly decorate your Braai Day meals. Buy them for R19.90 for 50pc. Please enquire at your nearest store for availability as West Pack Express stores carry limited ranges. 

Or why not buy your host, or yourself, the famous Weber Braai Bible as a Braai Day gift? We've also got lots more recipe books to choose from for R159.90 at your nearest store.


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