10 Things Organised People Do

10 Things Organised People Do

When your home environment is cluttered, it stops you from being able to focus. The clutter, or chaos as many of us will be able to relate, limits your brain’s ability to process information.

Think about how you feel in an uncluttered and well organised space. Calm, together, happy. In an cluttered space on the other hand, the feeling is very different! And there's actually a science behind why! 

Clutter makes you feel distracted, because it competes for your attention. Your know when your child is competing for your attention? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom, mom, mom, mom, moooooom?  You try to focus on what you're doing, but it's seemingly impossible to concentrate properly while they are vying for your attention. You feel tired, some of us even exhausted. That's kind of what it's happening in your brain when it is trying to process all the clutter surrounding you.


Kay Jamison, of the National Association of Productivity and Organising Professional (NAPO) shared 10 Things Organised People Do.


  1. They keep objects in the same room in which they are used.
  2. They assign everything a “home” and store like objects together. This is a huge time saver because it literally eliminates the need to search for things.
  3. They reduce clutter by not owning multiples of the same thing. Think about whether you really need 5 spatulas!
  4. They make lists so they have less to remember. Even their mind is uncluttered. They keep common lists, such as a vacation packing list, babysitter list, pet sitting list, Christmas card list, etc.
  5. They make routines. They do the same things at the same time and build that time into their day.
  6. They plan ahead. They plan meals and a shopping list for the entire week, rather than stressing out every night before dinner time. Consider doing laundry one time a week, rather than daily so that your laundry room is clear of clutter for the rest of the week.
  7. They purge items regularly. This makes the decluttering process less time consuming and not nearly as daunting as doing it once a year.
  8. They communicate a game plan for family chores and set expectations for what needs to be done. The divide and conquer approach gives them more quality family time.
  9. They are always looking for ways to save time and steps. If they are going upstairs, they take along something from downstairs at the same time.
  10. They set aside time for themselves each day to avoid getting burned out. Set aside at least 15-30 minutes of “me time” every day.

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