Mummy Pumpkins

Mummy Pumpkins

Carving a pumpkin isn't practical, or safe, for small children, so we've got other wow ideas for Halloween!

We love the simplicity of this idea for Halloween arts and crafts - and it's a fun activity for kids of all ages, even small ones!

What you'll need

  • Bandage roll or toilet paper 
  • googly eyes in corresponding sizes of the pumpkin used (yes, we have a huge range of these at West Pack Lifestyle stores
  • Black paper or foam for the mouth

How to make it

This is where the fun part comes in!

Let your kids try it out themselves and wrap the pumpkin with bandages or toilet paper, leaving space for eyes and a mouth. It's okay if it's not perfect, the joy they'll get from creating something uniquely by them will filter out the perfectionist in you! 

And of course you could always do a few extra of mummy pumpkins done  properly to show off to your friends. 

Mummy Pumpkins

With thanks to for this super cute and easy idea!


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  • Calvin Coles