DIY Picture Frames You Haven't Made (Yet!)

DIY Picture Frames You Haven't Made (Yet!)

If you're a mom or dad, you can probably relate to to this scenario: 

  • Your child has toys they never play with, but doesn’t want to let go of

If you can, you'll love this cute and clever DIY craft idea you can do at home with your child.

DIY frame using toy soldier figurines  DIY frame for girls pink paint

What You'll Need

  1. Old picture frame
  2. Old toys (we used classic soldier figurines
  3. Craft paint in your favourite colour
  4. Paint brush 
  5. Amos Craft Glue (on promotion until 31 May at West Pack stores nationwided)

It's really simple: re-use your child’s favourite toys to create this memorable photo frame. We used Dala craft paint to repaint the old frame and classic soldier figurines, and stuck down the toy pieces with Amos craft glue.

Amos Craft Glue


Create your own unique DIY frame and share it with us on Facebook, or by email and we'll share it with our community to inspire them!


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  • Desere Fahey