Moms and Daughters need things that match

Moms and Daughters need things that match

No really, they do. Just ask any mom or her mini me. 

Here's an idea for you to re-use (and revamp) old favourites, while enjoying interactive play time with the kids. If you don’t find these items around the house, you can find craft supplies at your nearest West Pack store.

Glitter shoes are so easy and inexpensive to make at home. If it’s your first time, start with a plain pair of pumps or heels (without laces).  The quickest way is to use Amos Glitter Glue or Dala Glitter Craft Paint (available at West Pack Lifestyle or Express stores), but you can make your own with glitter and modge podge (works as a glue, sealer and finish in one).


Glitter Glam shoes


How to do it

  • Prepare your working space with an old newspaper for glitter spills.
  • If patent leather, sand shoes lightly and wipe with a cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Protect the soles of the shoe with masking tape, and the inners with newspaper stuffing.
  • Pour modge podge/craft glue into a plastic cup, mix well (two parts glue to one part glitter).
  • Aim for a thick paste consistency.
  • Apply the first thin layer with a paint brush (or apply Glitter Glue or Fabric Paint direct)
  • Set aside to dry completely before repeating the next layer (three layers should be enough).
  • Seal in your homemade glitter glue with glue/modge podge or acrylic/polyurethane spray

Beginner’s TIPS:

If the glue looks white you’re doing it right – it will turn clear as it dries.

Too much glitter creates a clumpy finish.

Sprinkle extra loose glitter over the shoes while the glue is still wet for a sparkly, 3D effect.

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  • Desere Fahey