Oscar Night Party Ideas

Oscar Night Party Ideas

It's not too late to make this Sunday's Oscars night, absolutely epic - it's the 90th Oscars so if you were going to make an effort, this one is probably it.

Just by setting the scene for the big night you'll see how much more fun you'll have, and that's where West Pack stores comes in to help. 


But first, popcorn? 

What's the moves without popcorn, right? There's nothing cheaper, or more fun, than serving popcorn in the true spirit of Oscar night! If you're having guests over, or even just for yourself, make a statement with a DIY popcorn bar and serve different flavours of popcorn.

Popcorn movie night, The Oscars

Our favourites include a sweet and savory mix, with a few recipe ideas below. Serve them in old-school brown paper packets (R23.90 for 50 Brown Paper Packets S08) and stock up on popcorn sprinkles from your nearest West Pack store - including flavours such as sour cream and chives, fruit and chutney, butter and cheese (available in 150g packets for R14.90 each).

Popcorn movie night, The Oscars Cajun Popcorn

Recipe: Combine a pinch each salt, pepper, ground cumin, garlic powder, dried basil, dried thyme, paprika and cayenne pepper, and add to melted butter. Place air-popped corn in large bowl and toss in seasoning mixture to coat

Parmesan Popcorn

Recipe: Combine equal quantities grated Parmesan cheese and melted butter with a dash each of Italian herbs and salt. Pour over warm air-popped corn and toss to coat.

Cinnamon Popcorn

Recipe: Place 8 cups (2lt) air-popped corn in a baking pan. In a small bowl, mix 1 lightly beaten egg white, ½ cup (125ml) sugar, 1 tsp (5ml) cinnamon and pinch of salt. Add to popcorn and bake in preheated 150°C oven, 20 minutes. Cool and break into clusters before serving.


If you're thinking plain popcorn, we'll let you off the hook, but only if you dress it up with fun popcorn themed buckets!



Popcorn buckets as featured below available from West Pack stores.

Popcorn Oscar Night

46oz buckets R49.90 | 64oz buckets R69.90 


Popcorn movie night, The Oscars

Pack of 12 emoji popcorn boxes R29.90.


Popcorn movie night, The Oscars

Small popcorn pre-pack R44.90, medium popcorn prepack R64.90


Something stylish and special

No party or casual get together is complete without festive mason jars. Grab our combo deal of 10 mason jars (approximately 375ml) with coloured lids and straws for only R99.90, or buy emoji masjob jars with lids and straws for R59.90.

Mason jars for The Oscars


mason jars, the Oscars

The final (starry) touches

An Oscars party wouldn't be complete with stars! Our creative, crafty side was begging us to show you these cool ideas to differentiate your Oscar themed party. 

This idea of star shaped chips could be used for anything really - just pop into your nearest West Pack store to choose from our variety of star shaped cookie cutters (from R22.90 to R64.90), and make something your guests will be talking about for weeks to come. 

star shaped chips


We know you already have so many amazing ideas you can do with these starry sparkles that will bring your Oscars themed party together! Good luck, and don't forget to share pics with us afterwards on Facebook.

Star decor for The Oscars

Find your nearest West Pack store now.


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