Strawberries and Roasted Marshmallow Fluff

Strawberries and Roasted Marshmallow Fluff

Gooey roasted marshmallow on strawberries - yes please!

This idea from got us thinking, why use a gas flame when you'll have the real thing this Monday 24 September when you're celebrating Heritage Day and Braai Day? 

Actually, it's the kind of amazing recipe that gets passed around, TheKitchn actually took it from Food52, so you get the idea. Keep it going and share with friends for the perfect after-dinner sweet treat!


Two Ingredient Masterpiece: Strawberries & Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow FluffChoose from original or strawberry flavoured Marshmallow Fluff at your nearest West Pack store (R59.90 each). Then simply dip fresh strawberries into the Marshmallow Fluff and roast on the fire. Be careful not to burn your fingers, so it's probably best to grab skewers while you're in-store and you can roast them like traditional roasted marshmallows - this year we're just raising the bar a little with something yummy and new!



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  • Desere Fahey