West Pack Kids: In the Kitchen

West Pack Kids: In the Kitchen

Looking for something fun and easy to keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Every day we'll be sharing something new so keep coming back to see what creative idea we have to share.

In the kitchen

What is it about sprinkles that can always (always) turn a frown upside down? If you're a mom you may already have almost all of these ingredients at home in the cupboard. For everything else, head to your nearest West Pack Lifestyle store to make these Sprinkled Marshmallow Dippers.  
Inspiration: Smart School House


What you’ll need:

Paper Straws (10 for R29.90)

Marshmallows (Beacon) R39.90

Sprinkles (100g assorted prepacks) R10.90 each

Paint Brushes (Round Brush No.4 & Flat Brush No.5) R3.90 each

Corn or glucose syrup (any regular syrup or honey would be a suitable substitute should you not be able to find).

How to make them: 

It's really as simple as using glucose syrup to carefully paint the edge of your marshmallow, then simple stick your paper straw into the marshmallow, dip in sprinkles and enjoy. Even if it doesn't turn out as picture-perfect as what Smart School House made, that's part of the fun - especially when doing it with the kids. 

 Marshmallows   Sprinkles
  paper Straws   Brushes

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