The Perfect Summer Picnic Basket

With Summer around the corner, a refreshing and cost-effective outing is a picnic in the park. To ensure that the date is a success, we’ve put together a need to have list, as well as some food ideas that will make you look like a professional chef list of picnic essentials.
Need to haves…
  1. A picnic basket, with the South African heat we recommend a cooler basket, this will keep your food fresh while you travelling

  2. A blanket big enough to spread out the meal and fit all the picnickers too.

  3. A sturdy corkscrew that also functions as a bottle opener.

  4. Plastic or acrylic wine glasses. These are inexpensive and can be used again and again rather than thrown away. The best are made from BPA-free polymer.

  5. Salt and a pepper grinder. Some salt, crumbled over a salad or on anything else can go a long way to saving the day. The same with freshly ground black pepper.

  6. Fruit knife or folding knife. Use it to cut cheese, slice a salami or divide a sandwich in two.

  7. Small light cutting board. Nothing fancy, maybe one of those 8-by-10-inch hard plastic ones.

  8. Plastic cutlery and plates. Keeping in line with the environmental awareness these can also be used over again

  9. Metal cooling bottle. You could use this for keeping your wine nice and cool or for that extra sip of water.

  10. 1A plastic bag. And last but not least, these will make cleaning up after yourselves much easier.

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Salad that will make look like professional.
Easy to make and look pretty impressive. Below is a step by step guide, you can use a combination of any
  • Layer 1 – Dressing – 1-2 tablespoons.

  • Layer 2 – Hard vegetables – carrot, celery, capsicum, red onion, cucumber

  • Layer 3 – Pasta, rice or quinoa

  • Layer 4 – Soft vegetables – avocado, tomato

  • Layer 5 – Protein – chicken, egg and cheese

  • Layer 6 – Salad greens – lettuce or baby spinach

A few tasks to do before assembly:
  • Poach chicken. You could use a BBQ chicken, however poaching chicken is a healthier option and will save you money too.

  • Cook pasta, following packet directions

  • Boil eggs

  • Wash vegetables

  • Chop vegetables and add into the jar.

Basil Lemonade Punch
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves, loosely packed and coarsely chopped

  • 3 cups prepared of Sprite or Lemonade

  • 3 cups seltzer water

  • 1 lemon, sliced

  • Add crushed ice

  • (For a kick you can add Vodka to taste)

Mix the ingredients and place it a stainless steel vacuum bottle to keep it cold and fresh.
And to finish off, you can complement this with some french loaf or ciabatta bread, cheese and cold meats and for dessert, some strawberries dipped in chocolate.