The Road Trip Essential For Every Trip!

We are all starting to think about our December holiday, and if you like me you’ve started to think about what exactly you need to pack. Whether you are traveling to the bush or driving through to the coast. In South Africa’s these trips are incredibly long and at times very boring especially when you have to come back home after the holiday. That’s why we have put together this Road Trip Packing List and tips that will help you and your family running smoothly throughout the trip.

Keeping your car on the road
  • Don’t for get your License – Obvious. Do NOT leave home without, this is the ultimate road trip essentials!

  • A relevant and emergency contact numbers – Hopefully you won’t need to use these numbers, make sure your keep a copy in the car just in case.

  • Car Manual– Because you never know what light might refuse to turn off when your out of wifi range!

  • Spare Tire– Make sure you check that it is tip top before you set off.

  • Roadside Emergency Kit – Double check that you have the essential; Your must have are: Battery Booster Cables, Warning triangle and all your tools to change a tire. For those who are heading for the bush or go of roading the following add ons: A 4×4 air can, Tire Pressure Gauge, Pair of glove. This all in one kit has you covered for any possible eventuality.

These road trip accessories make a big difference
  • Map App – Before your leave make sure that you have updated your maps to the latest updates. One of the apps that can be helpful is, it is a free app and it allows you to download detailed maps which can be used offline and without cell service and acts as GPS.

  • Some cash money – Because cash is still king in some areas it helps with parking attendants and road tolls.

  • A notebook, pen, and pencil – An essential that should be living in your care always, it can be used for thoughts, in case you get into an accident or leaving a note of the car you accidentally ‘bumped’.

  • First aid kit – Basic supplies such a band-aids, bandages, antiseptic and safety pins can be invaluable when the closest town is 100km away! To this you can also add your essential medicine.

  • Flashlight – In case the car battery dies in the dead of the night. Buy two. It means you’ll have a spare. (But remember to make sure that you check that they are working and the batteries are fresh)

  • Bug Spray – Because bugs in the car are not fun and essential on a summer road trip.

  • Large Water Bottles – If you get stranded, staying hydrated is crucial. Keep a large bottle in the car in case of emergencies. And on warm days on a summer road trip.

  • Toilet Roll – Don’t get caught short in a un-stocked rest stop!

Stay entertained on your road trip
  • Cell Phone Charger/USB cord – An essential. Even when you are not going on a road trip!

  • A kick-ass road trip playlist – Whatever your flavour, rock and roll, classics and sing-a-longs and belt our your favourites at the top of your voice!

  • Travel Games Perfect for family road trips to keep the kids entertained when there is a lot of time in the car! (Family Travel)

For the comforts of your road trip
  • Sunglasses – Driver or Passenger, nobody likes to squint when they’re in the car.

  • Blanket – For those very early morning start and to cosying up during a daytime nap or using it as a picnic blanket for a road side break.

  • Travel Pillow – Both for adult and the kids, it makes the naps more comfortable and reduces that pain in the neck.

  • Travel Mugs – Great for hot and cold drinks, and with a seal-able lid, with a travel mug there is less chance of an unnecessary spillage.

  • Reusable Water Bottle – Glass ones or plastic re-using your water bottle is better for the environment.

  • UV Window Shade – Especially if you have children, it will help with the reduction of sun burn whilst driving

  • Baby wipes – With the water shortages in various areas it will keep those fresh and clean and it helps with accidental spillages

  • Medication Pain killers when you are in the for a long period of time it can give you a headache and/or muscle strain neither fun nor comfortable. Valoid helps with those who get car sick and eases the discomfort. When traveling you eat in places where you normally don’t eat which can give you or the family an upset tummy some medicine for this too.

  • Reusable Shopping Bag – For popping to the shop whilst on the road – avoid using unnecessary plastic bags and pack a reusable one. They fold up small and can be thrown in your handbag after your road trip for everyday use.

  • Mints – There’s nothing like fresh minty breath for a quick pick me up.

  • Sun Screen – When traveling the sun can still give you a nasty burn so it is essential.

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