Urban Gardening with West Pack

We all want to find ways to live more sustainably, grow our own food and herbs plus taking out time from our busy schedule to spend more time in nature, but living in either in a town house complex or flat with no garden. Here are the basic steps to turn a small balcony or town house veranda space into a garden, bringing out the city-farmer in you.
Prep your area for drainage – You can lay the out your space with easy-to-clean decking for the flooring (which is also helpful for water drainage).
Plan your space – You can look at a variation of different style pots that can create creative feel. Think about what you would like your garden to look like by setting out the pots and plants. You could even add a nome or or piglet to the design to add some fun
Get the kids involved – Show them the fun they can have growing and enjoying plants and gardening – they’ll learn lots about nature and gain a real sense of achievement when the little seeds start sprouting lush leaves. They can add fun ornaments to create their own little forrest with mystical creatures.
Store your tools – For your basic garden tools you can add a crate or a basic storage container that can add a different layer to the layout.
Make your own compost – Composting is easy as can be with a sturdy West Pack shopping bag; just fill it up with fallen leaves, weeds, and soil when you’re going for a walk or to the park and mix it up every now and then. Leave plastic basin or bucket out to collect rain water for your plants.
So, you’ve set up your city space and got your garden growing. Now what? Just relax! Put out a some Beanless bag chairs, for your coffee break, and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labour. 
We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! Visit our store for your startup garden and please remember to let us know how your garden is doing by post your picture and comments on our Facebook page