West Pack Lifestyle and petzone lockdown #WeStandTogether

As a nation, now more than ever, it is on us to do what is necessary to save our people from the Covid-19 virus. As a company, West Pack Lifestyle has made the decision to temporarily close all stores in South Africa for the next 21 days until the lock-down is declared over. We support our President, and our country, in this decision to keep our staff and customers safe. ❤️💚

We have been inspired by the spirit of Ubuntu which is clearly flowing through our communities as we all prepare for the next 21-days.

The effects of the COVID-19 outbreak will ripple throughout the nation for years to come, how we address this pandemic now will determine how we start rebuilding as South Africans.

It is critical that during this time we exercise good hygiene during the lockdown. View more information and preventative tips here.

As a company and family, West Pack Lifestyle sends gratitude to our customers, staff and suppliers for their support during this time. We also encourage you to take this time to reflect, reconnect and re-energise yourselves. Reflect on your faith, your habits, your family and reconnect with your God. Rebuild yourself and reflect on where your future is heading. When we come out of the lock-down, we will come back to a new world, but we will be stronger and ready for it. ❤️💚